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Setting up a corporate fund with Community Foundation Wales is a strategic and impactful way for businesses to leverage their resources and expertise to make a positive and lasting difference in local communities and beyond.

We can work with you to create funds to help you give back to your local community. Our expertise in governance, financial administration and grant-making can complement your fundraising aims and help to make your vision a reality.

Work with us

Why set up a corporate fund?

Establishing a corporate fund with Community Foundation Wales allows your business to channel its resources and expertise towards strategic philanthropy, which is mutually beneficial to both your company and the communities you support.

It’s a way to make a meaningful and lasting difference while aligning your business with social responsibility and community development.


Click below for an example of this type of partnership working in action:

If you are interested in setting up a corporate fund for your organisation please contact:

Katy Hales, Director of Philanthropy on 02920 379580 or fill out the form below:

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Work with us

Partnership funds

Community Foundation Wales also partners with organisations that wish to create funds to raise money for their own specific causes across Wales.

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