Top tips for grant applications

We have put together a video containing our top tips and handy hints when writing grant funding applications – check it out!

Applying for a grant

When you have found a grant that you think fits your project, you will need to fill out an application form and submit by the given deadline. Each fund has its own unique funding criteria that will explain the aims of the fund, who can apply and what you can apply for, so make sure you read this carefully before you start your application.

Governance is very important as we look at the organisation just as much as the project. Governing documents hold the core information about your organisation and a grant will not be awarded if the organisation poses a risk through poor management of finances and/or of people. Ensure these supporting documents are in order and always include them with your application by the given deadline.

Please note:

  • Applications must be for the total project costs or for a significant majority of costs.
  • Grants will not be awarded retrospectively i.e. for costs already incurred prior to receipt of the grant offer letter and signed terms and conditions

What happens next?

Want to know what happens once you have submitted your application? Check out our timeline explaining the process your grant application goes through.

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