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There are thousands of small charitable trusts across Wales, a significant number of which were set up many years ago and whose original purpose may need updating.

It can be a serious dilemma for trustees who carry the responsibility for a fund but are unable to fulfil its charitable purpose and know that local people could be benefiting so much more.

That is where we can help.

Revitalising Trusts

Revitalising Trusts

We are working with Welsh Government and the Charity Commission to identify charities in Wales who have not been using their charitable funds in recent years.

Upon finding these charities, trustees are offered support to help the charity get back up and running. If this is not an option, the funds are redistributed to causes in line with the aims of the inactive charity or transferred to Community Foundation Wales to be managed for the long-term benefit of local communities.

We are experienced managers of charitable funds and can advise on how best to transfer and ensure the best use of the fund.

Our trustees have the skills and experience to manage the fund, growing it for future generations whilst still benefitting communities today.

If you are finding it a struggle to manage your trust fund, please get in touch by emailing trusttransfers@communityfoundationwales.org.uk so we can help you with this in the same way as we have already helped a number of other trustees.


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