As a funder, we have a responsibility to make sure the organisations we fund are robust and well structured. However, we recognise that this can be confusing for voluntary organisations if they are new to the sector or are not aware of the various standards required in the charitable sector.

We therefore ask all applicants to submit copies of their governing document or constitution, accounts, Safeguarding policy, and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy when they apply for a grant. These must all meet the minimum standards before we can consider an organisation for funding.

We’re keen to support the development of the third sector. If you do not meet these minimum standards, you will be advised as to why, and how to improve and strengthen your policies. However, we recognise that groups would rather apply knowing that they are eligible and their governance is satisfactory. As such, we have created this section of the grants toolkit, to support groups in the application stage of the process.

We hope you will find this guidance helpful, and although focused on our requirements, much of the information is generic and will be helpful to better governance as a whole.

We’d love your feedback, we’d love to hear if you have found this helpful or if you think there is anything else we can add that will improve the toolkit.

Please email us – – please put Grants Toolkit Feedback in the subject field.