Monitoring and evaluation

As a funder, we are interested in learning from the organisations and projects we fund about the change you have made in your communities with the funding we have given you. We therefore ask you to complete a monitoring form at the end of each year or the end of your grant depending on the length of the award.

The main thing we want to know about is the difference you have made to the lives of the people with whom you work. There will also be questions on finances and project learning. We’re keen to hear about your successes but also to learn about your struggles and how you adapted your work to meet the changing needs of those you support.

You will be sent an email containing the link to your interim monitoring at the 6 month point of your grant and the end of year or end of grant monitoring on the anniversary of your grant offer.

We hope you will find this guidance helpful, and although focused on our requirements, much of the information is generic and will be helpful to better understand monitoring and evaluation as a whole.

We’d love your feedback, we’d love to hear if you have found this helpful or if you think there is anything else we can add that will improve the toolkit.

Please email us – – please put Grants Toolkit Feedback in the subject field.