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The Flintshire Area is covered by two Funds, the Flintshire Community Endowment Fund and the Flintshire Welsh Church Act Fund:

The Flintshire Community Endowment Fund supports:

  • Projects that provide the educational development of school aged children and young people
  • Projects that provide the educational development of children in the early years
  • School based projects that encourage healthy living
  • Educational attainment projects including lifelong learning
  • Education inclusion projects for individual students in the form of bursaries, travel assistance, sport, prizes for attainment and educational materials or other resources

The Flintshire Welsh Church Act Fund is a Charitable Trust Fund which is administered by the Community Foundation in Wales. The Trust Fund is governed by the Welsh Church Act 1914. The fund supports:

  • Projects that contribute to the refurbishment and upkeep of churches, chapels and community/village halls within the county.
  • Projects working to address disadvantage to benefit Flintshire residents.
  • Projects providing social and recreational activities for Flintshire residents.

In 2020 Community Foundation Wales published the findings of a piece of research undertaken with more than 100 community groups across Wales. Our Loud and Clear report highlighted that charities and community groups in Wales want funders to prioritise core funding and longer-term partnerships. We have used the learning in this report to help us to shape our Flintshire Funds and to show groups that we believe in their core purpose and want to support them to work more effectively in their community’s longer term.We recognise how important it is for community groups to be able to plan for the future and that having secure funding can give you the confidence and reassurance to develop your project over the long-term. Flintshire Funds now offers groups the opportunity to apply for multi-year funding of up to 3 years but will also continue to offer 1 year project or small capital item funding.

We hope to be able to make at least one three-year grant per year. To be considered for a three-year grant please complete the additional section of the application form indicating how you plan to develop your project over the period of funding being applied for. NB. Your application will still be considered for one year funding if you are not successful with a three-year grant.

We also recognise the challenge of finding core funding, especially longer term. Community groups can now apply for funding towards core costs for up to 3 years, providing the group can provide accounts for at least the last 12 months and the amount being applied for is less that 50% of your annual turnover. EG. To apply for a grant of £1,000 per year, your annual income should be at least £2,000.

Who can apply?

  • Individuals up to and including the age of 25 years who are currently resident in the Local Authority area of Flintshire, provided that the initiatives do not fall within statutory provision can apply for a grant of up to £200. The application must show a clear need for financial support, financial hardship or additional support needs
  • Churches and organisations working with residents of the Local Authority area of Flintshire can apply for grants up to £1,000 Preference will be given to applicants who can demonstrate exactly how they will meet the Fund’s objectives and priorities, and who have not previously received support from this Fund.

How to apply?

All groups must complete an online application form which can be accessed via our website.

If you are applying as an individual, you will need to download a word document version of the application form from our website and fill it in.

Mae’r ddogfen hon ar gael yn Gymraeg. This document is available in Welsh.

Any application for a grant submitted in Welsh will not be treated less favourably than an application submitted in English.

Flintshire Funds

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