Working with charity trustees

There are thousands of small charitable trusts across Wales, a significant number of which were set up many years ago and whose original purpose may need updating.

It can be a serious dilemma for trustees who carry the responsibility for a fund but are unable to fulfil its charitable purpose and know that local people could be benefiting so much more.

That is where we can help.

How we can work with you

Over the past 10 years more than 3,400 trust funds in the UK have been transferred to their local community foundation.

We are experienced managers of charitable funds and can advise on how best to transfer and ensure the best use of the fund.

Our trustees have the skills and experience to manage the fund, growing it for future generations whilst still benefitting communities today.

We now also work with trustees of active trust funds who are eager to plan for the future, to provide stronger governance and more effective grant-making.

The Charity Commission encourages all charities to ask themselves whether they should work with Community Foundations as an alternative, particularly if they can answer yes to one or more of the following:

  • We find it difficult to identify beneficiaries
  • We cannot spend the income of the charity
  • We find ourselves providing money to the same people or groups every year
  • We find it difficult to attract trustees
  • We would like to be involved in how the money is spent but we do not want the legal responsibility of being a trustee
  • The work of administering the charity and its investment is becoming onerous or disproportionate to the level of funding
  • We wish that we knew more about local issues and opportunities and who else was funding what

An example of how we can work together

Read about how we have worked with Flintshire County Council.

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Working with charity trustees
Working with charity trustees

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